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  • Zimbabwe

    (August 2017) Zimbabwe, after evaluating GxAlert in a 4-facility pilot in 2016, conducted a sub-national rollout to 46 facilities in August. Zimbabwe utilizes SystemOne’s dual-SIM, secured solution.

  • Moldova

    (August 2017) Moldova embarks on a 2 facility pilot using the cyrillic version of GxAlert.

  • Azerbaijan

    (June 2017) Azerbaijan conducted a WHO-sponsored pilot of GxAlert in 2 facilities as part of a wider evaluation of the platform. GxAlert is being utilized in cyrillic by this team.

  • Indonesia

    (March 2017) Indonesia become the first country to deploy the Vodafone Global SIM connectivity kit by SystemOne with a 12 instrument pilot.

  • Pakistan

    (April 2017) IRD in collaboration with the National TB Program conduct the initial sub-national roll-out in 2017 to scale GxAlert to 92 facilities.

  • Philippines

    (April 2017) Philippines conducted a 40 facility GxAlert pilot with the upgraded connectivity hardware provided by SystemOne. This pilot shows the strength of investment in R&D and supported hardware.

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