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GxAlert was jointly conceived by Dr. Joshua Obasanya, National Coordinator of the TB and Leprosy Programme of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health and the current SystemOne team. The team realized that by networking the GeneXpert devices via a cloud application, they could save months of delay in routine reporting while also increasing data quality.

With this relatively inexpensive innovation, the Nigerian FMOH gains substantial new weapons in the fight against tuberculosis, particularly against Multi-Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB).

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About the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health

The National tuberculosis and Leprosy Training Centre was established seventeen years ago, precisely in 1991. It is about four kilometers from Zaria town, along the old Zaria – Kaduna road, popularly called ‘layi.’ It has three mandates, patient care, training, and research on TB and Leprosy. It is not a surprise that the mandate has been extended consciously to cover for HIV/AIDS. See more at www.ntbltc.org

About SystemOne

SystemOne is a small team of innovations, technology, and communications professionals who seek out the most difficult challenges to solve. They pride themselves on the ability to meet short deadlines or tackle problems that have proven too difficult for others. SystemOne has extensive international development and health experience and looks forward to facing your toughest problems. See more at www.systemone.co

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