API and Webhooks

GxAlert has been designed to operate with other health systems and services.  Since the basic information coming into GxAlert is real-time diagnostic results from GeneXpert machines in the field, we’ve utilized a webhook type of technology to push events from GxAlert out to other systems based on the content of the GeneXpert test result.  Recently we added a webhook for e-TB Manager so that the Nigerian MOH could configure their GxAlert system to update the test results in the e-TB Manager System (where they track TB patients).  This allows test results to update the National TB Case Management System (e-TB Manager) as the tests are completed, all automatically.

Since the GxAlert is open source, governments and other health providers may add webhooks for any conceivable system to securely update information based on the diagnostic test results.  We are currently developing a webhook for OpenMRS and other systems as time, interest, and resources allow.