Does it only work with eTB Manager or can I connect it to other software?

The first integration with the GxAlert application is being done with eTB Manager, a tuberculosis-specific M&E platform developed by Management Sciences for Health (MSH). eTB Manager is already in use in Nigeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and other nations that have (or will soon receive) the GeneXpertTM devices.

However, we’ve built the platform with an open Application Programming Interface (API) so it can integrate with any other web-based database / M&E system easily.  The objective is to make GxAlert a viable “connection software” between TB diagnostic devices and M&E systems.

Does GxAlert work with the Hain Lifescience GenoType MTBDRplusTM?

GxAlert is designed to work with any TB diagnostic device that is capable of connecting to the Internet. Each system, though, requires varying levels of effort to join the GxAlert network depending on how good the existing diagnostic tool’s software is. We’ve made setup and addition of diagnostic devices simple; as of 11/1/12 the GeneXpert has been connected. Of the devices identified as in use or in development in UNITAID-Tuberculosis-Landscape_2012, (Appendix 1, p29), 8 more devices show strong potential for being added to the GxAlert network:

  1. BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)’s Bactec960 MGITTM
  2. bioMerieux’s BacT/ALERTTM
  3. Trek Diagnostic’s Myco-ESP Culture System IITM
  4. Cepheid’s GeneXpertTMConnected!
  5. Hain Lifescience’s GenoType MTBDRplusTMNext in queue
  6. Hain Lifescience’s GenoType MTBDRsITM – Next in queue
  7. GenProbe’s AMTDTM
  8. TwistDx’s RPATM
  9. Menssana Research Inc’s BreathlinkTM (very early stage product as of 11/8/12)

If you have a Hain Lifescience machine (or any other type of machine on this list) and would like to join it to the GxAlert system, please let us know!

How much time does it save in reporting of results?

Paper-based laboratory registers can take weeks or months before they are mailed to a central office and keyed into an M&E system by hand. GxAlert updates an M&E system within several seconds of the first diagnostic result (assuming Internet connectivity). When equipped with real-time information, you can:

  • move second line drugs to the right location,
  • alert facility personnel to take precautionary measures, and
  • begin treatment straight away.

With GxAlert you reduce several weeks or months of an MDR-TB positive patient infecting others because they start treatment faster.