(August 2017) Zimbabwe, after evaluating GxAlert in a 4-facility pilot in 2016, conducted a sub-national rollout to 46 facilities in August. Zimbabwe utilizes SystemOne’s dual-SIM, secured solution.


(June 2017) Azerbaijan conducted a WHO-sponsored pilot of GxAlert in 2 facilities as part of a wider evaluation of the platform. GxAlert is being utilized in cyrillic by this team.


(March 2017) Indonesia become the first country to deploy the Vodafone Global SIM connectivity kit by SystemOne with a 12 instrument pilot.


(April 2017) IRD in collaboration with the National TB Program conduct the initial sub-national roll-out in 2017 to scale GxAlert to 92 facilities.


(April 2017) Philippines conducted a 40 facility GxAlert pilot with the upgraded connectivity hardware provided by SystemOne. This pilot shows the strength of investment in R&D and supported hardware.

Burkina Faso

(December, 2016) The Burkina Faso GxAlert pilot kicks-off in Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso connecting up 3 instruments in this West-African country. The Burkina Faso team take advantage of the French-version of GxAlert as well as the newly added French-custom-fields data collection tool to improve programmatic reporting and patient treatments.


(November, 2016). Bangladesh scale up their previous 5 facility pilot to begin national roll-out of the GxAlert connectivity to 39 instruments with an additional 6 to come online in the next couple months. Bangladesh is the first country to roll-out with the new Inventory and Stock Management features of GxAlert and integrates these features into the […]


(August, 2016) The Swaziland GxAlert team sets a new record for the fastest time to implementation connecting more than 50% of their devices (16) over a period of 3 days. Congratulations to the team for completing their national rollout in record time!


(May, 2016) Successfully connected all GeneXperts nationally and are gearing up to be the first country initiating the “Data Deep Dive” initiative with SystemOne. This 5 day initiative (February, 2017) focuses on discovering trends and learning more about the richness of the data provided from the GxAlert and diagnostics platforms.