SystemOne Improves Reporting and Diagnostics for GxAlert®

SystemOne Improves Reporting and Diagnostics for GxAlert®

Adds GeneXpert® HIV assay reporting and new suite of notifications

Boston, MA, USA and Cape Town Johannesburg, South Africa – January 2017 — SystemOne, a connected diagnostics company developing data-driven healthcare solutions, recently announced new features to its ground-breaking real-time data reporting system, GxAlert®.

The new features offer a more robust suite of tools to increase the benefits of connected diagnostics. GxAlert leverages data produced by medical diagnostic devices, including point-of-care (POC) devices that perform genetic, blood, and immunoassay lab tests, to give health systems visibility into their fleets of devices and increased ability to respond rapidly to diagnoses. GxAlert has been installed in labs using GeneXpert® and other devices, where real-time diagnostic information, cartridge inventory management and warranty compliance are critical issues.

GxAlert’s now offers its full capabilities for both the GeneXpert HIV-1 QUAL assays as well as the GeneXpert HIV-1 Viral Load assays. In addition, GxAlert now accepts HIV-1/2 results from the Alere Afinion™. New features include updated dashboards, new notifications, and comprehensive results reporting to correspond with the new result types.

Improved alerts and notifications include:  

  • Low Inventory
  • High Error Rate
  • Module Disabled
  • Device Expected Back Online
  • Calibration Due Soon

In addition to the existing robust dashboards offering clinical and operational information, GxAlert’s new reporting features include:

  • Online reports (vs., attachments)
  • Reports to Groups, where reports are tailored to individual recipients’ level of access

“GXAlert has been an ideal platform for reporting TB and other infectious diseases globally,” said Chris Macek, CEO, SystemOne. “The addition of HIV diagnostics represents a huge advancement that could make a critical difference in treatment. In addition, device management alerts, including warranty information, could save health systems millions of dollars.”

SystemOne’s GxAlert is being piloted or used in national rollouts by Ministries of Health in 34 countries are piloting or doing national rollouts of GxAlert.

About SystemOne:

Founded in Massachusetts in 2012, SystemOne focuses on producing game-changing data-based solutions for connected devices. SystemOne’s flagship product, GxAlert, is a medical device software that collects and shares data that:

  1. alerts health officials when deadly drug resistant TB is detected,
  2. reduces time to treatment by getting patients enrolled earlier,
  3. saves health systems hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory waste, and
  4. provides real-time and complete disease surveillance monitoring capabilities.

The company will soon launch its next-generation connectivity software, Aspect®, in instruments diagnosing diseases that include Zika, Ebola, HIV EID and Viral Load, Malaria, Hepatitis C and more.

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