How does it work?


The GeneXpertTM device (and others like Hain Lifescience MTBDRplus) were designed from the beginning to integrate into Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) so they could receive orders for diagnosis and automatically send results. GxAlert acts as a proxy for any specific LIS. Results are automatically sent from a GeneXpertTM over an Internet connection to the GxAlert application. GxAlert then provides robust and clear documentation to connect your existing M&E systems (like eTB Manager).

By connecting your GeneXpertTM (or Hain) devices this way:

  • It greatly simplifies setup in the lab because all devices are configured identically, regardless of what country or M&E system. Watch the 0:58 second setup video on our Training & Documentation page. Simple setup means less error and minimal/no training costs. Lab techs stay focused on lab work; they don’t need to learn complex software networking to make this work.
  • SystemOne (the developers of this technology) understand how to make robust, multi-channel Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), the method to connect two web databases together. As a result, it is far less expensive to set up one (or more!) of your nation’s M&E or Infectious Disease Surveillance systems to receive the data from GeneXperts in real time. Simple connectivity = lower cost and faster setup.

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