National Alert System

GxAlert is designed to enable Ministries of Health and programs to set up various alerts based on the data flowing from GeneXperts. Alerts can be sent via SMS text message or email, or can simply provide a link to web dashboard. This way, you can tailor reports to the way your audience receives information, e.g. most field workers have little/no access to a web page so just send them SMS text messages; send emails to supervisors; send web dashboards to programs and national TB program leaders.

Types of Alerts

  • 1) SMS text message to NTP when an MDR-TB case is diagnosed so they can organize recruitment faster.
  • 2) Email sent weekly to lab managers showing them error rates compared to those of other nearby GeneXpert labs.
  • 3) Web dashboard alert for supervisors to see cartridge stockout forceasts to move inventory where it's needed the most.
  • 5) Have an idea for an alert? Share it with us!

We'll start posting images/screen shots of the various alerts when we can in the coming weeks.

Sign up for SMS Text or Email Alerts!

To receive alerts each time an MDR positive or Rif positive results happens on a GeneXpert machine, please contact us and we'll add you!