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GxAlert is growing pretty quickly now, with new features, rollouts, and integrations. We'll try to update you here.

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  • SystemOne Completes Data Deep Dives to Help Ministries Strengthen TB Programmatic Monitoring

    Boston, MA and Johannesburg, South Africa– October 6, 2017 — SystemOne, the leader in global health disease intelligence for rapid detection and response, recently conducted Data Deep Dives in the Philippines and Bangladesh for GxAlert users. Data Deep Dives enable ministries of health to interpret and translate complex data in a structured way to provide […]

  • SystemOne Announces 4 New Countries Rolling Out GxAlert®

    SystemOne Announces 4 New Countries Rolling Out GxAlert® Ministries of Health Invest in Disease Surveillance and Rapid Response Springfield, MA and Johannesburg, South Africa (September 28, 2017) — SystemOne, a connected diagnostics company developing data-driven healthcare insight and solutions, announces 4 new GxAlert® implementations in Africa and Eastern Europe. SystemOne develops networking and software solutions to […]